28 September 2012

Foraging map

Time to 'fess up to your favourite foraging spots to add onto the new foraging map (bottom of the page). Don't pick all my walnuts! Leave them as a comment and I'll add them to the map.

If you can't see the map click here   http://tinyurl.com/foragingmap


  1. There are usually lots of sloes on the road up to the dump off Bulmer Road but where are they this year? Sloe gin is perfect at christmas so tell me another spot where sloes are please.

  2. We had a lovely walk in the sunshine the other day, in search of 'the biggest blackberries ever' as per your (brilliant) foraging map... but almost all gone. Got to be quick around these 'ere parts! We did see some sloes en route - up towards Chilton Hall, but couldn't tell you where, as we did a lot of pleasant meandering back and forth and weren't taking notes! Did find some apples, however - different types, but not many of them. Now for the jam and chutney making sessions....

  3. The map is such a good idea! Could people share their favourite recipes for foraged goods? So many recipes in cook books have expensive additions, which seems a bit counter-productive after all the foraging!